Creative Director & Designer

Australian Fashion Week Runway

For our 2016 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Runway, we wanted to produce a show bigger and better than our previous and all of our competitors.

We were actually one of the first active collections in the world to show on schedule at an official fashion week. That show in 2015 was off-site in an abandoned tennis stadium. 

In 2016, taking over the main runway space, with an over capacity crowd, I designed the show from scratch, including the soundtrack, sequential lighting, props and choreography.

We also worked with sponsor and tech partners to bring the show to a LIVE VR audience through an off-site activation and YouTube, with attendees getting custom printed VR goggles for viewing the show later. 

This was the world's first VR live stream from the middle of the runway.

The show was heralded as one of the standouts of the week with press and buyers praising the experience and creativity. 

Creative Director
Show Concept
Set Design
Lighting Design
Soundtrack Design
Partner Campaign Director

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