Creative Director & Designer

[V] Music

Whilst working at Razorfish, I led a small team working for 14 months on the rebrand and reinvention of Australia's biggest music channel and created the "Home for music in Australia".

The Channel [V] portal was a first of its kind website with innovative slider navigation, the first 'sticky' media player ever (that we know of), and content that both learns your preferences as well as shuffles depending on what you want to see. 

I worked from beginning concept stage both on visual design as well as content strategy & distribution, designing the engine that would run thousands of feeds from gigs, artist profiles, music news, and all music videos to be relevant for each user. I designed each part of the site visually, wrote the launch content, and produced the creative, launch, and advertising strategies.

With such an intense content system, we devised a complete working wireframe version of the site to test the site for proof of concept, as well as produced hundreds of working documents, spreadsheets and diagrams to prove our model and theory before building.

Despite this site being launched almost 7 years ago, looking at it today, we were way ahead of our time with the design, concepts and features. 

Creative Director
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